helping vulnerable people (re)find their rhythm through music

"It's clear that this work is much more than just a nice idea." - Sophie Heawood, Times

Finding Rhythms takes some of the UK's top musicians into prisons to help talented inmates record albums of new music. In the process we develop core employability skills and offer an opportunity for our beneficiaries to create a new and positive identity for themselves; one that is unrelated to the “criminal” that others and indeed they themselves may see.

What we do

Through the medium of improvisation and original composition we hope to bring about positive change in people’s approach to life and their surroundings. We also aim to channel the power that music has to communicate and process sometimes difficult emotions; using it as a non-confrontational medium to encourage participants to (re)engage with their surroundings and situation in life.

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2015 has got off to a busy start, with two projects completed since the start of the year. Our fifth album is soon to be released and our fourth, called "This Town", can be heard here:

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